Personal Credit Repair & Improvement

Like many of our clients, you’ve probably spent a sleepless night or two wondering what to do about your less than perfect credit.

Our system is FAST , EASY AND SIMPLE. In as little as 90 days, you could have good credit!

Statistics have shown that up to 80% of ALL credit reports contain errors on them ­ legitimate credit repair looks to correct the inaccurate and unverifiable information. No company (including ours) can remove accurate, verifiable information from a credit report. This is very important to remember when approaching anyone to help you resolve issues regarding your credit.

The key to successful credit restoration is to identify the inaccuracies reporting against you, file legitimate disputes, review the responses and determine if any additional steps need to be taken. During your time as a client with Bio Credit Pro will we work diligently to address any items that you believe are inaccurate or unverifiable. During the process there may be accounts that are reporting accurately and timely that are negative. Only time and consistent payment history will help to restore these items. Our services are designed to help you identify the issues, pay or settle accounts that are owing a balance, re­establish good payment history with existing or new creditors and provide education and tools to help you to maintain positive credit habits for the rest of your life! Some of the benefits our clients enjoy are:

● Bio Credit Pro Client Portal: Every client will receive a personal log­in for their custom portal to be able to track the status of their Credit Repair Program, communicate through a secure online environment and utilize our credit and financial tools included in the Client Portal.

● Aggressive Disputes: All items that are identified by you as inaccurate or unverifiable will be disputed with each round of disputes, we don’t hold back ­ we want to investigate every item negatively affecting your credit report as soon and as much as possible.

● No Long Term Contract: Every clients needs and credit report are different, we do not commit you into a long term contract so you have the flexibility to pay for only the services you use.

Your credit fixed in months…NOT years!

We do something else no other credit repair company does. We dispute every negative item on your credit report at one time. Plus we get your personal information corrected and remove incorrect alias names. All inquiry’s from the past 12 months are included in our process.