What’s Your Credit Score?

Money Magazine reports nearly 90% of your financial decisions will be based on your credit score. What’s more, according to a recent study done by the FTC, 50 Million Americans have mistakes on their credit reports. Mistakes on credit reports cost the average American $4,200 a YEAR!!. Find out if you have any mistakes by ordering your $1.00 credit report. Click the banner below to order your $1 Credit Report

And the frustrating part is, it may not have even been your fault. Millions of people just like you lost jobs, homes, cars and their good credit when the economy crashed. Fortunately, your credit can be repaired. In fact, any item that can be placed on your credit report can be legally, permanently and ethically removed from your credit report. Over the past five years we have helped hundreds of people go from bad credit to great credit in as little as 90 days using hundreds of State and Federal Consumer Protection laws with some of the most advanced credit repair tactics available. Here’s what makes Bio Credit Pro your best choice for legally and permanently deleting items from your credit report and increasing your FICO scores.

Your credit fixed in months…NOT years!

We do something else no other credit repair company does. We dispute every negative item on your credit report at one time. Plus we get your personal information corrected and remove incorrect alias names. All inquiry’s from the past 12 months are included in our process.